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Myths and Hymns 

"In his song cycle, Myths & Hymns, Guettel paints an emotional landscape of faith and yearning that embraces a boundless spectrum of ideology and spirituality. The lyrics were inspired by Greek mythology and a 19th Century Presbyterian hymnal; the musical vocabulary sweeps from romantic art song and rock to Latin, gospel and R&B. Myths & Hymns elucidates our fantastic desire to transcend earthly bounds, our intrinsic need to connect with something or someone greater in our restless search for enlightenment." (Concord Theatricals)

Music & Lyrics by Adam Guettel


Audra McDonald 

Mandy Patinkin 

Billy Porter 

Kristin Chenoweth

Annie Golden

Theresa McCarthy 

Vivian Cherry 

Darius de Haas 

Jose Llana 

Bob Stillmann 


Click the image above to watch Mastervoices' digital production of MYTHS & HYMNS, a  2021 Drama League Nominee for Best Digital Concert production. 

“It’s anything but a grid of people singing…[the first episode] has chorus members dancing in their backyards, Kilgore with original animation swirling around his body, and even Guettel himself playing guitar, backed by elaborate illustrations telling the story of Pegasus and Bellerophon.”

– Playbill 

New Release:



Reimagined by Garrett Gleason

"Garrett Gleason dissolves us completely with a revisionist full album tribute to Adam Guettel's classic Myths and Hymns"

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