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Myths and Hymns 

"In his song cycle, Myths & Hymns, Guettel paints an emotional landscape of faith and yearning that embraces a boundless spectrum of ideology and spirituality. The lyrics were inspired by Greek mythology and a 19th Century Presbyterian hymnal; the musical vocabulary sweeps from romantic art song and rock to Latin, gospel and R&B. Myths & Hymns elucidates our fantastic desire to transcend earthly bounds, our intrinsic need to connect with something or someone greater in our restless search for enlightenment." (Concord Theatricals)

Music & Lyrics by Adam Guettel


Audra McDonald 

Mandy Patinkin 

Billy Porter 

Kristin Chenoweth

Annie Golden

Theresa McCarthy 

Vivian Cherry 

Darius de Haas 

Jose Llana 

Bob Stillmann 


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